It’s been a week since I went back to work. It’s been a long week.

The amazing thing is that it’s so quick to fall into the “not work” camp. Yes, even though travel is work in many ways. Hell, the well worn definition:

late 14c., “to journey,” from travailen (1300) “to make a journey,” originally “to toil, labor” (see travail). The semantic development may have been via the notion of “go on a difficult journey,” but it also may reflect the difficulty of any journey in the Middle Ages. Replaced Old English faran. Related: TraveledtravelingTraveled (adj.) “having made journeys, experienced in travel” is from early 15c. Traveling salesman is attested from 1885.


To toil, labor.

It’s different work.

If things work well no one but you benefits. If things break, likewise.

I’m remembering fixing the suspension before we left. It was all us. It was all me. All the work. All the reward.

All the blame.

All the victory.