Yep… the old tires that I installed just over a month ago are now off the bike and back in a box. They’re ready to send off to return to the source — Continental wants them back to look at the problem.

What problem? Whenever I got the bike up past 65 mph or so it would start to wobble. And the wear was more than a bit odd. More at my previous post.

So today I did the whole song and dance once more and spooned on a set of Tourance Next from Metzeler. I think I’m getting back in practice a bit more. I was able to get everything set up from start to finish in just over two hours. I’m not counting breaks… it was bloody hot today and no A/C.

Road testing this new set on the bike confirmed the change worked. No high speed wobble any more. They’re also a bit more road oriented, but hey, that’s where I spend most of my time I suppose.

Now, to wear this set out!  :-D