I work at Amazon, you know, the biggest bookstore and all that.

We make what I consider to be the best damn e-reader presently made: the Kindle. No, I had them well before I worked there — good is good regardless. (We also make some crap, but hey, no one bats 1.000)

I while ago I purchased an expensive book. It’s kind of like a textbook… The Art of Electronics. When I acquired it the book was just north of $100. It’s a fabulous book and I’m learning more than I could possibly imagine. (I also feel rather dumb reading it at times…)

So here I have this book. It’s expensive, but almost more importantly it’s big and heavy. Very heavy.

If I could buy it again I would happily buy an electronic version of it — in addition to the one I already have — just so I can read it on the road.

But alas…

No can do.



There’s some irony that “The Art of Electronics” isn’t available electronically.