Today the old fridge went away…

Not a whole lot of tears are shed for it. Sure, the fridge kept things cold, which fundamentally is its primary purpose. But it was poorly laid out and it was too easy to loose food in there until things just went bad.

And it didn’t make ice.

It might seem stupid, but ice is important to me and Ennie.

Right after we ordered the fridge I drilled a hole behind the old fridge to the basement just to see where it came out. I was expecting a struggle.

It came out within inches of the right location. I’ll take lucky over good any way of the week.

Last night after moving most of the cold stuff into a cooler I ran the new water line. The simple self-piercing saddle valve wasn’t good enough. After trying the action with just the hold it poked it let pass only a minor stream of water. So I had to attack the pipe with a drill.  :-O  Nothing like making holes in perfectly good plumbing to wake you up.

But it all came together nicely.

And it looks pretty good too.  :-)

It turns out that only GE makes refrigerators that size. I think we got lucky there.