On our summer trip last month we were headed into a tinderbox. Western Canada was getting no rain and it seemed that British Columbia was in the process of spontaneous combustion.

We arrived. We arrived to rain.

Much needed rain to be sure, but it could have come a week earlier (or maybe a few hours later).

Seattle’s been much the same way. No rain. None in the forecast.

Until today.

Seattle rain is typically a drizzle. A persistent drizzle that barely gets you wet. This wasn’t rain like that. This was midwest rain. Big drops. Lots of them.

Faster than the drains can flush them off the streets.

– = –

Today was also when I was going to get together with a new friend of mine from Everett to chill and hang out.

But rain.

Rain getting in the way of her house painting.

Rain getting in the way of traffic.

Seattle drivers, for as much as the stereotype says it rains all the time, can’t drive in it. The drive would’ve been well over an hour. An hour in which to stew over how annoying all of this is and get pissed.


Sadly… we must anticipate the next time instead.

Gladly… we anticipate the next time now.