A constant complaint of Seattleites is that people here can’t drive. From folks that park in the left lane going five miles under the speed limit to people randomly yielding their right of way. Or perhaps hitting cyclists is more of what you’re thinking.

But I have another one: not possessing the ability to read.

Consistently on Aurora Ave N (Highway 99) traffic gets backed up. This isn’t overly surprising since it’s one of the main north-south roads through town. (It’s also the same one where Bertha got stuck boring a tunnel, but that’s another topic)

The left two lanes (for much of the route at least) are for normal traffic. The rightmost lane is bus only — from 6-9 AM and 3-7PM (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

So if, for instance, it’s 9AM (a few weeks ago) and I’m on my way to work and things are backed up in the left two lanes it would be silly to just sit there, right?

I pull over to the right lane and feel like quite the asshole passing everyone. Then I think again. I’m not the ass, it’s everyone else that feels the need to complacently conform and not bother reading the sign that’s posted on every other utility pole.

Even today, a Saturday, I just cut ahead of traffic on the right lane as they stand stopped with the rest of the herd.


(yes, before you worry, I’m always on the watch for someone to try to cut me off)

I’m sure they’re looking at me thinking “scofflaw.”

But the reality is I’m looking at them thinking “idiot.”

One of us is right. And I’m not breaking a law.  :-P  Just saying.