The fence in front of our house had been deteriorating at an increased rate for the past almost a year now. The finials, especially the one next to the door which fell off, were having issues. Besides that some of the paint was getting a bit loose.

So we took off the finials and in the process determined that the posts were getting attacked as well. So we glued them shut and Bondo-ed them filled. (Yes, wood hardener is essentially super glue. Epoxy wood filler is the same formula as Bondo)

I manufactures the bases for the finials and glued the whole mess to the now stronger fenceposts. (The wonders of modern adhesives. Better than nails in cases like this because it prevents places for water to penetrate)

Today: Paint!

In around four hours start to finish we got it all done.

It’s the same color as we started with but now just clean and fresh. It makes such a huge difference to the look of the house. You don’t really notice it, but we just see the house as more finished, more of a complete thing.

It makes us prouder of our place.  :-)