We’re launching something tomorrow. I’ll hopefully write about what we’re launching tomorrow, but that’s not the point. Folks launch stuff at Amazon all the time.

Yesterday we were asked what we wanted for lunch on launch-day.

I weighed my options.

I figured that the phrase “hookers and blow” is such a clichéd term I’d be safe. Especially with the Toy Story reference reinforcing the “this is a joke” angle. (Yes, this is the first thing that came up in the Google image search for the term)

No worries. My boss had a witty come-back.

Then I got asked by one of the younger guys on the the team what I meant.

Unless you were around in the late 80’s or early 90’s. Watched Miami Vice. Learned about the Wall Street parties of the time… The idea of “hookers and blow” is completely context free.

Hell, what is “blow?”


(Cocaine in case you really have to ask. You snort it now blow it. But that’s the slang of the day. Don’t shoot the messenger.)

sigh another way to feel old.

Maybe I should have a cry at my desk.