Seattle is not known for spectacular weather events. Sure, it has the reputation of rain, but it’s never portrayed as a violent rain, but rather a gloomy sedate form of wetness.

This isn’t really true, but it keeps people away. (In the summer it is locally known for spectacular weather)

Today was a weird one for sure though. In fact we even got a warning about it from the weather service. It was forecast for rain and wind. Wind for real this time.

Ok. So this isn’t midwest wind, or hurricane wind.

Seattle is soft.

We got a downed power line (well, power feed to a house) in the trees.

(Only 240V 2-phase… somewhat high energy, but not too dangerous)

The funny thing is that this passes for severe weather.  :-P

Some trees lost branches and parking lot trees (with shallow roots) tumbled. But that’s really the extent of the event.

So… windy.