A good friend may be moving to Seattle in the next little bit. (fingers crossed)

Seattle is a fucked up place for housing. Certainly if you read Reddit any you’ll see that there’s a distinctive lack of housing options in the city. Further, there’s a lack of new development brought on by restrictive development regulations.

Couple that to the absolutely insane amounts of new folks moving in and you have the perfect storm to raise housing prices — be it houses, condos, or apartments.

When we moved here we had all of two weeks to find and sign for a house. That was absolutely ridiculous. It was simultaneously the stupidest and smartest thing we’ve done in a while. Stupid since you aught not to find the “perfect” house in two weeks (and another two working remotely, which, honestly, barely counts). Smartest since out house has gained nearly enough to buy the house we’ve sold in Solon outright.

So, moving to Seattle (or surrounding areas). You’ll get less land and likely a smaller house. You’ll pay a fucking crapload more. You’ll rely on public lands (like parks and such) way more.

But you’ll live in a place where it seems everyone is trying to move to.

It sucks. It’s awesome.

It’s confusing.

Regardless, we genuinely love it here.  :-)