En and I went trap shooting today with another Amazonian and I took a pair of GoPros because, why not. They worked fine and shooting shooting went off without a hitch.

Then I got home and popped the micro-SD into the computer and GoPro Studio’s importer popped up.

I closed it quickly and got back to manually copying the files onto my NAS.

After the copy was done I double-checked to make sure the “auto copy” selection was turned off. It was.

I popped in the other card and sure enough the popup came back and it started to copy some of the videos over. It got past the the first few (other shoots) before I hit “cancel.”

“Do you want to delete the files?”

Figuring that I don’t want the files cluttering up my computer I clicked yes.

Nope. Don’t do that. Not only did it not copy the files I needed, it deleted all of the source footage.

Since when is doing that ever a good idea?

I spent the next hour and a half getting the now deleted files back of the card. Eventually I used Recuva on my Windows machine (that runs the exercise bike) to undelete the files since I didn’t feel like paying for something on the Mac.

So, let’s tally up the fails:

  1. Popping up the import dialog when the option wasn’t selected
  2. Popping up the import dialog when I didn’t plug in a GoPro, but some random flash card
  3. Deleting source files that weren’t copied
  4. Deleting source files without specifying those are the files that are about to be deleted
  5. Running in the background in such a way that required deinstallation to stop


What the hell GoPro? Fix this shit already.