I’m in LA for most of the week doing some knowledge transfer to and fro from a colleague of mine down here. I am, as one would expect, staying in a hotel.

Like almost all hotels this comes with WiFi.

However, this is some shitty WiFi.

They have an offer when you with authenticate to the captive portal to upgrade to something better. I figured that the standard is good enough.

Nope. It’s like a throwback to 2003.

I’m here on business so I figured I’ll upgrade to the better WiFi and just expense it.

Ok, next question: now that I dismissed the dialog that prompted to upgrade, how do I get back?

I needed to call up the provider’s 800 number (pedants: 877 number) to have them log me out so I could re-log in.

The fail: making it hard to give your money over to them!