Ennie and I went trap shooting over the weekend and I took some GoPro video of it. (I was going to post the video, but editing 4K on my laptop is more taxing than my laptop really is designed for unfortunately)

While there someone floated the idea that there should be a nice way of tracking the clays as they are flying and maybe using that to work on your form. The analogy was the tracker that’s already out that uses RF to track you.

Unfortunately that’s a bit wasteful. You really don’t want to be shooting at RF transmitters. Or not good ones at least.

The advantage in the case of clay pigeons is that they are typically colored in some high-viz color like orange or yellow. This then got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be easy (in the relative sense at least) to pick up some FPGA and slap on a high-ish-res camera and have it do real-time tracking?

I mean a mid-range FPGA dev board is less than $150. It’s something that’s low enough cost that something should be able to get rolled out for less than $100 + packaging if you play your cards right. Add another $50 for the camera control hardware and you have a product that you can sell to the rich (no I don’t have a $5,000 shotgun, just my dad’s old one) There’s probably a market there.

Makes me want to pick up a dev board to just play around with.

Like I need more dev boards… (sigh)