I’ve been playing with the latest variant of iOS on my iPad Air 2. I was playing with the multitasking features where you can run two apps at once.

This is a game changer.

Of course it also limits the amount of space you have to work with on the rest of the screen.

As I was surfing on Safari on one screen I had Twitter open on a small slice on the right.

As I was using this I was just thinking how I might be able to get my blogging app to work (ok, yes, I need to write the thing first)

Use case — I took this screenshot while flying back home. I couldn’t make things work until I got home to a computer. Not what I want.

I’m imaging a workflow where I have Photoshop open on one half of the screen, the writing on the other, and being able to paste graphics directly into the text. Oh, and having a keyboard to boot.

Honestly, this would be a nicer workflow than I have right now where I’m forced to do the edit, save, upload, copy URL, preview cycle to get media onto the blog.

This might be a compelling enough reason to jump to something like that platform. That would just absolutely rock!

Oh, and doing all of this offline until you find an Internet connection.