I’ve been working on my mobile blogging thing for a while. The underlying premise of it has stayed the same as the idea progressed in fits and starts.

The problem that I was running into was the front-end design features of Xcode (and many of the contemporary IDEs as well) is so easy to use that you can get lost in UI design and tinkering.

This is dangerous.

Well, dangerous to progress.

It’s something that I seem to need to re-learn every once in a while: instead of starting with the front-end start with nothing but the framework. Once the framework embodies the ideas that you need make your system work, the front-end almost writes itself. Beyond that, you have a better chance of having something that both logically expresses the underlying model and less hack-y code in the front-end to shoe-horn the in-progress back-end into the front-end that you’ve married yourself to.

This is, of course, is how I work. I’ve met enough people who seem to need to work the other way about. Your mileage may vary.

But that’s how it works well with me.

Now I have a good start of a framework that I’m starting to flesh out. The UI at this point is nothing beyond buttons to drive tests with third-party services.

Soon… hopefully.  :-)