Today I stopped by the Apple store and picked up this beauty.  :-)

Apple changed up their pick up policy by saying what time you should show up. I had an 8:00 AM appointment for a 6S+ and an 8:30 AM for a 6S. (Yep, I made the 6S+ reservation by mistake…) They let me in the 8:00 AM group. I purchased it on the Apple upgrade program where I get a 0-interest loan for the phone. And, as a bonus, it’s an unlocked phone.

I showed up at 7:15 or so and I was third in line. In previous years I would show up at 6:00 and was number 100 or so. I guess the time windows worked out like a champ!

Overall in my limited use I’m really happy with it. It certainly seems snappy and the 3D touch feature is something that I’m quite happy with. The only app that really takes advantage of it right now is email, but even that is a neat use of it to plow through emails.

Oh, and Ennie gets the 6 as an upgrade for the 5S.  :-)