Something that we all struggle with as developers is trusting people in our code. There’s many things that can go wrong. There are also things than can go right as well.

The thing that we have to keep in mind — especially in cases where everyone is in the same company — is that you’re all really on the same team. It’s easy to go overboard on things like approval workflows and permissions on who can commit what code where.

Some of it makes sense — like perhaps requiring that code that goes into the system needs to be reviewed by someone who knows the code better. But once you have the review done, it would be awfully nice to just check that code in yourself. Or locking down test systems such that no one outside the team can even access things.

As you grow more defensive with your codebase, one thing that you’ll have to accept is that you’ll be held responsible more and more for the code that you have. If you make it hard for people to help you, the chance that people will help you tends to go down.

It’s all about balance.