Another team I was kind of on launched a product last week: Merch by Amazon.

I was involved on the payment side of the picture so I really wasn’t on the delivering the product, but I have to say it’s a cool idea.

The stated intent is to have real-world tie-ins to mobile apps — games mainly. But the real world use cases are way more broad. The idea that you can upload an image and have a t-shirt show up in a couple of days with no minimum order sizes is pretty damn cool. Even for just one shirt.

And you can sell it on Amazon as well — and you get most of the profits. So wether you have a band or a charity, or an app you want to promote, it’s worth checking out as another way of making some money.

We had the shirts for both the Underground  launch and the Merch launch printed by the same back-end processing system and I have to say the quality really is there.

You can guess that a one-off print isn’t going to be conventionally screen printed since that relies on scale to get it working well. The magic behind the scenes is something that I’ve never seen, but it’s cool from what I’ve been told.

In any case, if you have an idea for a shirt, or a brand you want to promote, check it out and give it a whirl.

At worst, you get an inexpensive (but high quality) T-shirt out of the bargain.  :-)