Outside my window I’ve bee watching the new Amazon building slowly come to life. Honestly, it’s been quickly given all it takes. When I moved to Coral, the building I’m working in last February that building was literally a hole in the ground. In eight months it’s gotten to what you see there.

The part that I find fascinating is that you can see the whole process in one scene.

From the top down:

  1. Building core – cast concrete
  2. Ironwork with the girders that form the structure of the building
  3. Floor support – the corrugated steel that’s laid onto the girders
  4. Welding – from the red platform suspended on the side of the building
  5. Floor reinforcement – rebar placed on the floor
  6. Floor concrete behind the black curtain to keep out the wind
  7. Fire systems like sprinklers
  8. Fire proofing behind the green curtain
  9. Building mechanicals
  10. Windows

All in one shot.

I can look at them work all day long… which is good because that’s what I see out my window.  :-)

Today they cast the final floor in the building: #38 is done and setting as I’m writing this. I’m sure there’ll be a celebration for the guys on Monday.