A friend of mine let me know of an eBay auction for something I worked on more than 20 years ago.

It’s for a script of the Rocky Horror Picture Show from back then. You can see my old email address before I had vec.com — [email protected] — Cleveland Freenet of the time)

So, if you don’t want to pay $125 for this, you can download this now for all of FREE!  :-P

Rhps (Word 6)  Rhps (Modern MS Word)

These were sitting on my NAS, and I know it’s been copied at least half a dozen times (closer to a dozen if I had to guess). The change date is Sep 6, 1995. (!!!) A modern version of Word (2016 on the Mac) can’t even open it. I had to use OpenOffice that still had support for the legacy files so I could re-save it to something current systems can even open.

I thought it was funny. And also kind of distressing that the older files are that hard to get at — it doesn’t bode well for the preservationists out there (like me).