Walking around the house last night, and the neighborhood and Seattle Center today with a Leica with a 50mm manual focus lens brought back memories.

The last time I used a manual focus camera in anger was before I switched over to the Canon EOS A2E back in around 1993 or 94. I still remember taking rolls of film off that body to the photo shop under NetForce Development — Cord Camera if memory serves me right.

The camera I had back then was a Minolta X-700 with a 50mm lens and a 80-200 f/4 zoom. I still have all that gear. (I still have all the Canon gear as well, and have long switched to digital)

Both of those places are long gone… but the gear and memories remain.

Walking around with a manual focus rig hanging from my neck was nice.

A sense of contemplation. A sense of doing something.

I like it. Even if it was a digital experience.

I had to give the Leica back today at 6 — back to the Bellevue Leica store.