The camera came today.

I’ll spare the pictures of unboxing of it since it’s been covered elsewhere before. Suffice to say it makes Apple look rather weak in comparison in terms of the process and anticipation. An outer plain box, containing the silver outer box, containing the presentation box, containing the box with the camera.

Overkill? Yes. But it’s like having someone unwrap a precious jewel for you. It’s a process.

I’m still getting used to it. At first I though I was messing up the focus when I was checking the previews. Nope… not as much as I had thought once I put it on the big screen and started pixel peeping.

The picture up there is ~ f/3.4 at ISO 4000 with a 35mm Summilux lens. We went to a dark bar — the 74th Street Ale House.

The picture (and feel free to zoom into the original) is barely processed. I removed a bit of noise (still not bad for ISO 4000) and re-added the vignetting that the camera took out. Otherwise the levels and everything else is from the camera.

Yes; I am truly a convert. There is a different look to things. Different is good in this case. Very good.

This is the 50 Summilux wide open at f/1.4 and no processing.