Last week on Tuesday night I ordered the Leica in a fit of gear lust.

On Thursday Leica updated their page announcing that there will be something new.

Of course it would be my luck that I buy something right as it’s being deprecated.

I scoured the net to figure out what it might be. On some forums there was talk that it could be the replacement to the M — the one that UPS was in the process of getting to me. As the weekend rolled on the rumor mill started to crystalize on what it likely would be.

A few weeks back there was a cryptic post from the president of Leica with an un-named camera in the back. From the look of it it clearly wasn’t an M.

The plot thickened.

Sure enough, today Leica introduced the SL.

Thankfully, I’m not in the market for a system like that.  :-)  If someone gave one to me I’d certainly accept it with much gratitude, but it’s not something that I think I need given the mix of rangefinder and SLR I’m presently invested in.

Hell, even with the SL, I would still be jonesing for something as small as the M.

At least once I don’t feel the slightest of burn.  :-D