The Greenwood Quick Stop and a bunch of adjacent businesses used to be on the corner of Greenwood Ave. and 81st St. The city, as part of a parks program, purchased the land to build a micro-park.

After the businesses moved out they installed a mural that was painted by the community. This was last summer. This is until the park can be built.

In the past couple of days the mural was tagged by someone, then someone else painted over that with the bigger white paint.

I’m going to sound a bit hyperbolic when I compare them to the Islamic State and terrorists, but this is exactly what I’m going to do. This is a bunch of shit-bags trying to scare the community. Scare the community to leave them alone. Scare the community to give them space. Scare the community to appease them. You get in their way, they will shoot you with their AKs (pictured above).

This is fucking terrorism on a small scale.

Fuck them.

I will give no leeway to these wastes of oxygen. This is taking something which is community made public art and metaphorically pissing on it.

A firing squad would be too good for them.

These are not people that are just down on their luck or simply on the edges of society. These are simply the scum of the earth and deserve to be eliminated.

Harsh. Cold. I know.

I don’t care.