Last week I ordered a strange little beast of a lens, a 15mm Voigtlaender.

It’s not a super fast lens letting only f/4.5 light through to the “film plane.” It’s small though. It’s not as small is it’s predecessors since it has changed it’s optical formula.

Before the nodal point of the lens was really close to the sensor. What this means is that the rays of light appear to come from a point that’s close to the sensor. On axis, close to the center of the lens, this makes little difference. However as you get close to the sides and corners, the light hits the sensor at a really shallow angle. Even though the Leica’s sensor is way more optimized for this behavior than the general sensors out there, it still caused some radical color shifts. The new lens fixes that by being a retrofocal design — no color shifts.

(I’m sure I’ll dive into the details of this in the future. Right now I can hand-wave about it. The actual physics are a bit out of my league at the moment.)

Sometimes you just need all the view though.

Like across the absolutely massive table while board gaming. (Among Nobles in case you’re wondering)

(blindly shot out my office window pointed a the new office tower kitty-corner from my desk)