I suppose I have a couple of hours to decide if I want to get an iPad Pro on release day.

The decision is really down to one of two options — or I suppose three since inaction is as much of an action as anything.

To start with the simplest option: not do anything. Why buy one in the first place? I think that’s more of a question for the next paragraphs. I already have an iPad Air, so this might be more than a bit duplicative.

iPad Pro: The half-way option between a tablet and a laptop. Trip blogging. Travel in general. It’s lighter than a laptop and does most of what I want a laptop to do. It charges from USB. USB charging is important to me since carrying around a slew of different charging apparati to affect a charge is really a non-starter for me. It’s not 100% ideal, but it solves a problem I face on the road.

MacBook? A laptop. But something that you really are using more on your lap than being able to use it one handed at all. It also charges from USB. I’m normally a fan of having lots of control. On the road when I might not have access to the Google choices tend to be a bit more costly. Sitting around a campfire debugging an issue is not my idea of a fun time.

So… decisions.

I suppose I can return it if I don’t like it…