Like I was writing yesterday I was looking to see an iPad Pro. I almost pre-ordered it this morning for pickup today but the cases for them aren’t around and I don’t generally walk around with a naked iPhone or iPad.

Besides the protection, the keyboard really is one of the primary use cases for the device.

So I decided to at least go to the Apple Store to see what it looks like and if I wanted to lay down some cash for the new iPad.

“Well, we have one demo floating around… let me see if I can track it down…”

After a bit of time someone comes out and starts wanting to explain features and such. I just want to see and feel it.

“I think it might out of batteries, let me check in the back.”

“Nope. You could try coming back tomorrow, we should have more out on display.”

This is one of the first big Apple fails in terms of their store experience that I can really remember.

So I walked out disappointed.