The Leica I got almost a month ago is a rangefinder type system. The way you focus is at once a blessing and a curse.

The way you focus is by looking through the viewfinder and lining up a patch of the screen with the background. It’s harder to say than it is to see.

In this case the lighter patch in the middle (excuse the crappy phone pic through the viewfinder, in real life it’s way better!) shows that things are out of focus since the cutting board on the stove isn’t matching up.

Something I noticed is that if I stopped concentrating on lining them up and just doing it more subconsciously I nailed the focus. If I stopped and pondered… that’s when I would tend to miss.

Just something I noticed about myself.

Oh, the red lines are the frame lines for the lens I have mounted. I have a 35mm mounted and the outer frame lines are the ones I would pay attention to. The inner lines in this case are for a 135mm lens that I don’t have. There’s two other sets of lines: 28mm + 90mm, and 50mm + 75mm.