I spent most of my early life growing up on Erieview Road in Cleveland Heights. Sure, there was long wile spent on Greenvale Road in Cleveland and Dill Road in South Euclid as well… but the bulk of what I remember as “growing up” was on Erieview.

We moved from Erieview to Dill back in 1993. After I finished at Heights and before my brother started at Brush.

So for some reason I decided to look up the old place on Zillow.

1164 Erieview Road.

The strange thing is that some parts are completely familiar. The layout is the same, but now mostly hard wood. The kitchen is completely redone, except for the cabinets, which is jarringly out of place now. The little room out back as well… The paneling is still there, but now behind the bookshelves that were installed after we left.

I remember etching my first circuit board in that room. Unfortunately staining some fabrics on the table (which we still have in our family room) with the ferric chloride (sorry, mom).

The bedroom where I ran the BBS — Ground Zero. (216-381-6550, FTW!)

I can’t believe it sold in 2007 for $22,500. That’s less than four years of taxes for me out here.

Three months ago it sold again for $45,000. (1164 Erieview, Cleveland Heights in case you want to ogle)