A couple weeks ago I decided to back up my gear in a different way. The typical way I was backing up my data was two sets of drives that I was rotating keeping off-site.

I decided to give BackBlaze a shot. The initial backup is on the order of two-and-a-half terabytes. That takes a while as it turns out. Every day I’m pushing around 100 GB out my cable modem. I’m just happy I’m in an area that Comcast isn’t doing data caps (yaay competition!)

Sure, the backup is $50/year. But in the end that’s cheaper than the drives I was using to back up the data locally. While my data is stored in a RAID-5 (ish) configuration, there’s always the cataclysmic scenario where all the drives are gone. That’s not something I want to really think too much about — which is why I was storing things off-site to begin with.

That said, I’m quite happy to pay the $50/year to have someone else deal with it.  :-)