Yes… I know it’s been out for months, but that’s (unfortunately) how I tend to roll. En’s already watched it with a friend way closer to the release… but alas I hadn’t and it was about to leave the theaters.

Ennie was way gracious to want to watch it again with me — seeing a movie twice really is high praise, especially when paying full freight on it both times.

But I have to say that it was worth it. No, we didn’t watch the 3D version because, frankly, I think 3D is a headache-causing gimmick. But the science was pretty dead on. Some of the engineering was a bit how-ya-doin’, but overall pretty good. For instance, connectors that are designed for a few mating cycles will start to fail after hundreds of cycles.

And Ironman. :-P

I suppose it could work.

For Science!  :-D