It’s been a long while since I’ve shot film… too long really.

Other than the little semi-disposable 110 camera I had growing up my first real camera I had growing up was a half-frame 35mm Olympus Pen-EE. It was a tiny little camera that shot two frames on what is normally a single frame of film — instead of 36×24 it was 24×18 (mm).

From there I still remember going to a K-Mart with my parents and buying one of my favorite cameras — because it’s my camera — the Minolta X-700.

I remember learning the basics of photography with this exact rig.

From there I moved after a long-ish pause to the Canon EOS line for a goodly while starting with the A2E. I started accumulating lenses as well. The pace of that only picked up when I got the EOS 3 and I set up my darkroom in the old apartment.

Then I moved to a digital. I wasn’t as flush with cash to get a digital SLR of the era so I had a Canon G2 which I used for a while. All four megapixels.

Then I moved back to an SLR with the digital 5D-II. The lenses I’d gathered were back in the rotation. But the darkroom gear languished.

Of course (and it’s hard to miss with my writing odes to the Leica) I’m still shooting digital with the M-240.

But I still sometimes pine for the simplicity of film.

The magic of seeing the image.

When all the digital bits are long gone, silver prints are still going to be around.

I just need to figure out where to put the darkroom. (And maybe pick up a used M film camera to go with lenses? :-P )