A week or so ago Ennie and I went to get some of Mike’s famous chili, and as traditional for us, we went over to Trader Joe’s next door. It’s just what happens when we need to go to either Trader Joe’s or have a hankering for chili — one, then the other.

Walking in we were aiming for the humus. We got sidetracked by something else.

So in the shopping basket it went.

The topic of dinner came up today and I suggested the “turkey.” Ennie did a bit of a shudder.

The before picture leaves a bit to be imagined. (Though, admittedly, it was a setup since I hadn’t removed the plastic)

But look at the gravy! heh

The after picture is a lot better though…

If nothing else, the bokeh is good enough to eat!

And plated:

So — review time.


It was way better than I was expecting. It was very reminiscent of real turkey and En commented that the texture was almost too good. It needed a bit of salt and pepper but it was surprisingly adequate. The flavor was good and if we had the forethought to make some sides it would have been even better. Just the stuffed “turkey” and gravy left us wanting a bit.

So my friend Lita, who used to work at TJ’s and is herself vegetarian notes that this is made by Gardein and branded as Trader Joe’s. “Way better than Tofurky” she notes.

All in all, would I buy it again? Probably — if I had a vegetarian coming over for Thanksgiving. Would I get it just for myself? Well, probably not… I’d rather get real turkey and eat that. But it was an interesting and relatively cheap experiment!