My manager walked out of his office looking for something… it seemed his USB->DVI adapter died.

Well, not died really.

Note how the hole where the USB goes doesn’t have a USB. Nope. It was rattling about in the case.

That’s what I found when I pulled off the top.

Thankfully, I have the tools to make this right!

First, clean off the existing solder…

Then follow up with some flux and solder the USB jack back on!

I know, not my best work… the connector wasn’t made to be hand soldered with the overhang of the metal. Honestly, this is a part that gets put on the pick-and-place and simply reflowed. Unfortunately they didn’t use enough solder. (And, admittedly, I probably used too much… what evs)

Good as new! Maybe better!

(No, didn’t do it because boss — did it because I like fixing stuff!)

– = –

Ok — written well afterward… I had to go back in and retouch the solder joints, especially pin 2 (from the left) of the connector. I also cleaned up the flux residue.