What came tim mind as I was hearing and reading about the goings on in and about Turkey this morning is that we’re living in a volatile world.

Ok. Yes. I’ve not lived through the Cuban missile crisis…

But as I’m seeing the events unfold I’m getting closer to thinking that we’re about as close to war as I’ve been in my lifetime.

Yes. Of course 9/11 happened. Yes, we went to war.


Not war.

What I’m seeing evolve in Turkey is shaping up to potentially be a proxy war between several — more than two — different interests. I’m hoping that it stays “proxy.”

Between Turkey being in the middle. Russia giving no shits. France going it alone (well, not quite, but the alliance isn’t holding them back). The US and UK muddling along… and the rest of the forces in the middle east.

Shooting planes out of the air. Of your “allies” in the fight.

In the fight. Maybe not allies normally.

Maybe not allies any more.

What I can say is I’m happy to be older than — by quite a few years I would hasten to add — than 25.