I asked a long while back on AdvRider I asked about the ease in replacing the aux light switch… in the time that passed it went from intermittent to just plain not working. So I ordered a new one, installed it, and set about to seeing what what wrong with the old one.

The top of the switch is held on by a pair of posts on the base of the unit. You can see the lighter gray poking through.

Since I already had a working one on the bike I didn’t care if I ruined this one completely in tearing it apart (but, as you’ll see, I actually fixed it).

The base of the top has a spring-loaded plunger that provides the positive detents for the unit.

In my case it didn’t at all want to spring apart. It was quite content to sit there until I pulled it apart.

The base had a plunger than matches the cutout in the top of the switch.

Which then pushes a tac switch that’s buried in the base surrounded by a rubber sleeve.

The problem I was having was that even in the “switched on” position the actual microswitch in the unit wasn’t getting pressed down enough to make contact.


I grabbed an 0805 capacitor I had around (no, you can use anything, this was just convenient for me… heck a small blob of epoxy is more than enough)

Essentially, all you need to do is make the plunger have a little bit more reach to get to the microswitch on the bottom. Once you get solid contact, you have a fully working switch again.

Problem: Solved!

And now I have a spare switch I’ll likely never need. I guess it’s like insurance… another part to never break — and I’d be able to fix the new one just as easily too. Oh well.