Of course Saudi Arabia is a bit backwards, but when they are going to behead 50 people — for “terrorism” — which can also be used for journalism and general apostasy it’s really hard to not confuse them with Isis.

Then they proceed to jump the shark even higher and do the full Streisand and threaten to sue anyone who makes that comparison.


So, here I am, making that exact comparison.

If you’re in some desert area where you have people talking to their imaginary sky friend and having them threaten to behead you, the key thing to look at is their vehicle.

If it’s a Toyota pickup truck, you’re looking at much of the middle east. If you’re looking at their Ferrari, there’s a good chance you’re in Saudi Arabia.

Otherwise, they’re pretty much the same. Both think women need no rights. Both think that if you don’t believe in the same imaginary sky person (and same flavor no less) then you should die. Similarly if you’re LGBT — off with your head. Both get their money by selling oil.

So, well, basically they’re the same.

Sue me.