(not insurance.com either)

I spent much of today going through things that I wanted to get special insurance for. It wound up getting classified into four main categories:

  • Jewelry
  • Camera gear
  • Electronics tools
  • Guns

Going through and taking pictures of everything was interesting. Tallying up the totals doubly so.

In the past couple of months with the Leica habit I’ve added a substantial amount to the total, but it still doesn’t amount to half of the pile of stuff. Looking at it objectively it’s still kind of disconcerting to have all this stuff… stuff that can easily fit on a small table but can be traded for a really nice car.

But you look at it from the other perspective and everyone expects that you’ll have insurance on your car — that’s a given, or even a requirement in many states. But other stuff… that just sits around.

Honestly, the biggest thing that I want insured is the camera gear. Last time I had to use it is when I had a motorcycle land on my camera. At the time Allstate wrote me a check for the lens and the repair to my camera. Using my photography equipment in anger, as careful as I want to be, there’s still a goodly chance that something bad might happen to it. It’s a tool though… you don’t want to ruin things — using things, as opposed to having them sit inertly in a cabinet, has the possibility of harm.