I took Friday off after a long Thursday night deployment. I decided to more or less say screw it with waiting for B&H to get the order I put in a long while back and just bite the bullet and get an iPad Pro locally. Yes, I have to pay taxes, but I decided waiting months wasn’t worth it.

As a bonus it was a local purchase — but I’ll get back to that later.

Holding it in the store it felt ok. I decided to order online for in-store pickup with my Amazon discount. I went over to Bellevue’s Apple store and picked it up. I ordered a Smart Keyboard and a Pencil as well but both of those are well back-ordered.

As I got it home and set up it was cool… but the thing I was realizing is that it’s big. With the cover and the case it feels almost as heavy as my MacBook Pro Retina. I consider that a fair comparison because the business end of my laptop — the screen and keyboard — are both protected by the clamshell design, while with the iPad you need something to protect it.

Using it led me to further believe that.

Yes, it’s a glorious screen. The speakers are amazing for the volume of space it takes up. But it’s big and nearly as heavy as a full laptop. The advantage of a laptop is that you can use it on your lap.

All told I think it’s awesome for many things… but it’s neither as portable as an iPad (non-Pro), nor as good as a laptop. For things like artists and doctors replacing paper it might be awesome. But for my use case — travel and blogging — it just seems too cumbersome. The iPad Air 2 is the weight of a paperback and doesn’t require any heft. The iPad Pro is the weight of a laptop and it’s harder to use on-the-go.

Maybe if I had the keyboard to play with it I might change my mind. Honestly I don’t think so though.

I think it’s going to get returned to the store. I really did want it to work… but it just seems like a great square peg into my round hole.