Yesterday I was talking about bidding on a lens.

Today I didn’t get the lens.

Around an hour before the auction ended I was outbid. I knew my limit and I didn’t up the amount.

So, what was the lens in question?

From this auction.

Yep, that there is a Leica Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 lens. My plan was to buy it (assuming no one else bid) for $6500 (!!) then play with it for a month or two, then resell it for around $7500. (New they run around $11K (!!!!), but while the Dollar is strong against the Euro it’s 12% off at only $9675. (!!!))

My reaction when I was outbid was “phew.” Followed by “dang.” The two feelings alternated back and forth like a tennis match in my head.

Next time.