There’s been another debate raging on the local community site Nextdoor about new developments around town. It started with the boxy modern houses and promptly flew off the rails.

Among the group there is broad agreement that to keep the city healthy while it grows we need more housing, affordable housing, higher density and better public transit and roads.

The problem is that no one wants the density next to them, nor does anyone want to pay for the transit. People are too busy blaming everyone else’s self interest — the developers for instance — and ignoring their own greed for preserving exactly what they have exactly as it exists now.

Gleefully they shout down anyone that says that development is a good thing. They wildly ignore sound economic principals that are known to work — things like supply and demand — and instead insist that you can decree affordable housing by fiat.

If all you can offer is “no” then you quickly make your opinions ignorable. If you say “no, but how about…” then it’s a conversation.