(note: not shill, just a customer who happens to work in the same company — but also went to a talk about how they got it working)

The first day that Prime Now was out in Seattle I ordered up a pair of Sonos Play:1’s, but that was mostly a proof of concept. Of course they showed up, but on day one that was expected and completely superfluous.

Today I had a chance to use it twice.

First was a birthday present, oddly. My friend has a birthday on the day after Christmas. Honestly that much suck bunches. But I didn’t want to be that guy that forgot her birthday.

Then I went to the store to get En a present. And lo — it wasn’t there. From the store I just opened the app. Within around two hours Katherine was there delivering En’s gift. She picked it up from about a block from my office.

Sometimes, tech works to your advantage.  :-)  Most of the country doesn’t have this service, but hell, I’m quite happy I do.