Christmas for me comes at me from two different directions. One is from work, the other personal.

The work part isn’t a huge secret: Amazon’s big day in Appstore is Christmas day when all of the Kindles we ship out are turned on the first time and people start playing with them the first time. Being in the Appstore org I’m a small part of the on-call rotation. My shift was from 10:15PM – 2:15AM bridging midnight. Thankfully it seems the preparations that we’ve taken seemed to have worked.

I spent much of my on-call on the bike after midnight working off Christmas dinner. 1:37 minutes and several check-ins later things were good to hand off to the next member of my team.

That set the stage for the next day — Christmas day. Having gone to bed at 3 in the morning I woke up late. My day comprised of not much at all. Gifts from En’s parents opened the day, but the rest was filled with naps, eating, and not much beyond a bathrobe and socks.

A worthy day off.

And Jack spending time with his new pet lobster.

Yes. It has catnip.