Today’s problem: garbage disposal.

En was using it as designed when water and crap started pouring out the front of the cabinet.

It wasn’t leaking when it wasn’t operating. I’m figuring that the fault lies with the bottom seal and bearing assembly. I’m sure it’s fixable if I had enough time, parts, and patience.

But I lack all of them.

So dash off to Home Depot to pick up an emergency disposal. Realistically I don’t want to be down a kitchen sink. While it didn’t seem to be leaking while not running, based on my guess at failure mode, there wasn’t a guarantee that it wouldn’t leak in the future.

Thankfully, I’ve done this before once or twice — can’t remember which.

If you’ve not done it before, it’s easy if you take your time.

The hardest part is snapping on the drain retention clip. Without a helper it’s possible, but it’ll be hard since the drain will want to work it’s way out without downward pressure.

A total of an hour working at a leisurely pace and we’re all set.

But I do hate having problems like this pop up… there goes the evening.