Today I brought the camera to work and decided to take a late, late lunch hour — around 4:00 to be exact — to see if I could get a good classic landscape for the photo project.

Yesterday at around that time it was vaguely drizzly and foggy — but it was pink. The sky was glowing and the layers of fog gave West Seattle a hazy mystery across Elliot Bay.

The camera I didn’t have with me would have captured the picture I saw. The camera I didn’t have with me was at home in its bag.

Today the sky was mostly clear. There was a cloud bank by the horizon obscuring the sunset. West Seattle sat in a dreary shadow across the Bay. The light was wrong. I tried making the best of it — and I might be able to salvage a shot, but not the shot that was there.

I think I need an even more compact case to have the camera with either a 28 or 35 mounted to it ready to go at all times. The camera I have with me is worth endlessly more than the camera I don’t have with me.