There is a thread going on in a forum I’m on — if you had only one camera and lens, what would it be?

Ok, this is a Leica forum on the M-240 group, so the constraints are what M camera you would have and what lens?

It seems that a lot of people share my idea. At the time the one camera I would keep is the M that I have now along with the 35mm f/1.4 Summilux that I have mounted onto the camera as I type this.

I grew up with 50mm. Still, to this day, my Minolta X-700 has a 50mm f/1.7 MD lens mounted. I don’t think I’ve had a “real” camera that I didn’t have a 50mm for. Heck, for the Minolta I even have my dad’s 50mm f/2.0 MC lens.

Even with that… and even with the fact that I (mostly jokingly) don’t even like people, I am drawn to the look of the 35mm.

Coupled with the M I would persist in being happy.

The sharpness of the lens paired with how it renders the out of focus areas. Even though 35mm isn’t considered a portrait lens, I’ve taken way better people pictures at that length than with anything else — oddly I know.

So there it is. That’s my decision. For the moment.  :-)