Ennie and I had a meeting with our financial advisor this morning — 7AM before work. :-/

It went ok. Except that the tech that she was provided by Ameriprise is a bad. There is no convenient way to share a file with her except to use their extremely janky web site. Of which I’m locked out of, of course.

Oh, and you can’t upload zip files. Ennie was forced to upload a PDF file at a time until all 8-10 of them were uploaded. It was only after all that we were informed that it may take a couple of hours for our advisor to receive the files.

A couple of hours? What the actual fuck? There are services that can get the physical documents over there in almost the same amount of time.

And why not zip files? This isn’t a new concept. This file format was released back in 1989. There have been 27 intervening years to make something to work with it. And it’s not like you can’t scan the contents of the zip file just like you would any file that you upload. Heck, as part of the upload process you could pretend that each file was uploaded separately and run with that.

Tech. You figure that a place like a bank might be able to get only a decade behind… not 30 years.