Ahh yes, TMI.  :-P  <– literally!

Yesterday I did phase one of getting a crown on my second from rear lower right molar. Up there is the temporary jobbie to last a couple of weeks until the real one is manufactured. Even though I wasn’t knocked out for the ordeal and was only under the local anesthetic novocain I was knocked out for the rest of the day.

I think it may have been from me just being completely tensed up for the duration of the procedure.

Oh, and they found a bonus cavity. The tooth behind it (the last one in the picture) had a cavity under the filling that you now can barely see.

Both of these I blame squarely on my previous dentist. The crown is the result of a broken tooth — broken because of a janky filling. The other cavity was from poor workmanship last time.

This time around I can say it didn’t hurt. Sure, it was uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt. The previous dentist hurt. He was a hack. He shouldn’t be a dentist.

Oh, but he was Hungarian… which apparently is all the qualification a professional needs.