A month or two ago we got a new dishwasher. Not news.

One thing the old dishwasher had trained for is to pre-rinse some of the stuff that we were putting in to wash. In particular our containers for the parfaits we take to work for breakfasts. They would come out only slightly better than what we had put them in, but obviously not at all clean.

We kept up the habit of pre-washing with the new dishwasher. Up until this weekend.

I saw we had a selection of containers ready to be washed.

I reordered them to go from cleanest to dirtiest so I can have a baseline. Going in I knew there was a chance that the whole load could wind up being worse off because of the experiment.

The result, on the other hand, was damn good.

All clean. Even the dirtiest!  :-D

While this is only a few data points, I can say with some confidence that the new dishwasher is way better than the old one!