I’m starting off my writing about the politics that are going on here this year. I’m calling it a part 1 since I’m sure there will be plenty more whinging in the coming months until the election in November.

I’ll start with the conclusion and work backwards from there.

Bernie Sanders.

Isn’t he a socialist? Did you complain about him before already? Well, yes… but way less offensive than I would have expected. In terms of giving more rights to workers — more or less bringing some European-style laws (or proposals I suppose) here doesn’t sound overly bad. I have these already at the jobs I’ve worked. We may not see eye to eye on many things, but he brings a certain commitment with him that I admire.


Nope. Nope. Nope. In my mind she’s the old-school, corrupt, democrat from the ’70s. I’m having trouble thinking of anything that’s she’s done that didn’t serve to simply move her ahead in the game. And that’s the thing. I’m looking at her as someone who’s playing a game where the objective is to be the president. Not just that, but her stances on both guns and encryption (arms both I suppose) are idiotic. She’s lobbying to get back doors on strong encryption, you know, so only the good guys can use it. I can’t vote for anyone who does not have a trust in basic math or science.

(Yes, Bernie seems to be saner than most Democrats about guns too)

Which brings in the Republicans… Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.


When you have someone supporting beating up people at your rallies you have yourself there a raving fascist. Sure, you want change, but holy crap… Stop trying to provoke a war and start working to solve problems.

The rest of the lot?

See also the science thing. Global warming is a thing. Really. And quit your obsession over what I do with my private parts — my genitals: my business.

Honestly, if I had to pick a Republican: Kasich. Seems willing to compromise. Doesn’t seem too full of himself. Has a record in politics. But too nice for the part and not extreme enough to win the primaries.

So that brings us back full circle to Sanders.

Of the current crop, he seems to be the most sane of the front-runners. Right now I’m in his camp. During the Washington caucuses, I think I’ll be standing in his corner.